Ladakh being the blessed land of India is an unlike river rafting destination which is nowhere in the world. The experience of river rafting in Ladakh enables the vacationers to witness the towering snow-capped peaks, spectacular landscape with deep gorges, hilltop monasteries, and glimpse of the unique wildlife and hillside villages. There are two kinds of river rafting that vacationers can enjoy are Indus Valley rafting and Zanskar river rafting. Both these regions enable the adventure enthusiasts to test their capability, brevity and indulge in pure thrilling experience. The climate condition of the place might bring challenge for the vacationers and affect their spirit, but this is what the rafting in Ladakh is all about to accept challenge and enjoy the thrilling rafting at different directions.

Indus River Rafting

River Rafting in Ladakh

The Indus River rafting offers a gentle rafting experience to the people. The River Indus originates from Mount Kailash and Mansarovar Lake in Tibet and flows towards the region of Skardu in Baltistan. As it is a soft white water rafting so enjoy witnessing the scenic sights while passing through them. The water splash of grade 1 and 2 against your face will bring cheers to the vacationers. The water level of Indus River remains during the month June to late August hence it is known as the best season for brilliant rafting expeditions. The experience is comprises with captivating sightseeing including picturesque setting on the banks of Indus and fun via rafting. The Indus River rafting is one of the complete tours with a sumptuous picnic lunch.

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Zanskar River Rafting

River Rafting in Ladakh

Unlike Indus River rafting, Zanskar river rafting is a brilliant expedition which is filled with amazing experiences like never before. Zanskar Valley is located at a height of more than 12,000 feet above. The Zanskar River flows brilliantly and it takes the vacationers through a wonderful sightseeing. It is a rafting which has grade 3 and 4 rapids to scale. The speed of the rafting shakes the vacationers from inside and with a pause gives realization of real adventure. So enjoy the breathtaking tour of Zanskar river rafting. On Zanskar river rafting travellers will experience the great and grand Canyons of Asia. To experience the rafting, the favourable weather is in June to last of August. The experience is not only about rafting, but also about simple meal that people enjoys along the riverside and enjoys the thrilling story telling by guide.

Wholesome, it is a brilliant experience that vacationers can enjoy on their Leh Ladakh tourism. It is a wonderful travel in which tourists will not only experience the rafting of both rivers Indus and Zanskar, but also explore the amazing loveliness of the place. It is a wonderful tour in which vacationers will never get disappoint with the sightseeing, cuisines, rafting and many more things. Plan Ladakh river rafting tour and make your travel enthralling. The trip will bring you unexpected experiences, so plan for this tour and make your travel enjoyable.

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