The land of mystery, Ladakh is a great place to visit. The snow capped mountains, rapidly flowing Indus and Zanskar rivers, lush green valleys and high peaks of the Ladakh makes it a must visited place of India. The amazing beauty and numerous sightseeing of the place make vacationers feel astonished with each of these attractions, so one must plan for this tour and enjoy travel thoroughly. Some of the popular places where travellers must visit here include as follows destinations.

Pangong Lake

Places to Visit in Ladakh

It is world’s highest lake which is located at 14,256 feet high above the sea level. The water of the place is blue and crystal clear which reflects the towering mountains. The scenic beauty and tranquillity of the place make vacationers feel as if they have reached to an unreal world. The land is so fascinating that it kick off all worries aside and enable the travellers to get close to nature.

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Tso Moriri

Places to Visit in Ladakh

Located at a height of 15,000 ft. the Tso Moriri Lake is a fresh water lake which is comprises of saline water. The distance that vacationers travel between Leh to Tso Moriri enables them to feel the sudden change in the landscape. Right from rough and rugged place to the lush green vegetation, there are a number of changes that vacationers will notice and spend quality time in between the hot spring and guest houses that are located near the lake.

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Royal Leh Palace

Places to Visit in Ladakh

Built in the 17th century the Royal Palace of Leh is a residence of King Sengge Namgyal. It is a nine-storey high architecture that enables the vacationer to enjoy the panoramic view of Leh, Stok Kangri and Indus river, so one must visit here and experience it brilliantly. Here tourists can even visit to the Museum which comprises of diverse collection of ceremonial crowns, jewelleries, ornaments, dresses, etc. It is one of the great experiences, so plan for this tour now.

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Zanskar Valley

Places to Visit in Ladakh

Widely popular as the isolated place of Buddhists, Zanskar Valley captivates travellers and compels them to enjoy great Himalayan ranges. The total population of the region is 14,000 people who belong of Buddhist religion. The valley is surrounded with lofty mountains, deep gorges, etc which makes it look beautiful. The place receives heavy rainfall.

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Magnetic Hill

Places to Visit in Ladakh

The beauty of the Ladakh is truly amazing and vacationers throughout the travel will think over its amazing astonishments. Among varied attractions, Magnetic hill is one of them that also known as gravity hill. It is a curious natural phenomenon that makes vacationers feels awesome. It is falls on the National highway Leh to Kargil to Baltik and it can pull any vehicle up its steep slope, so plan for this tour now.

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Nubra Valley

Places to Visit in Ladakh

The blessed beauty of Nubra valley makes it one of the attractive places of Leh Ladakh. It is widely popular as the valley of flowers which is located at a distance of 150km away from Leh. Explore and enjoy the blessed beauty of the region by spending some quality time here. There are various guest houses that tourists can ever experience the treatment, so make a stay there.

These attractions of the place are quite attractive and it wins the heart of the travellers, so plan for this tour now and gets the best tour package of your choice. The Ladakh tour package will surely make travellers feel amazed with its charm and propels them to visit here again and again.

A Perfect Tour Guide – Places to Visit in Ladakh

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