The land of cold desert or high passes – Ladakh mesmerizes a number of vacationers every year. The beautiful landscape as well as wonderful opportunities adventurous activities of the place invites travellers from all over the world to get indulge in the unexpected and inexperienced tour of blessed land of India – Ladakh. Travellers visiting Ladakh can experience the coldness from the Karakoram Range in the north to the main Great Himalayas to the south. Apart from numerous experiences on Ladakh tour, travellers will also get chance to taste and experience the most delightful cuisines of the place that aren’t cooked in other plain regions of India. So, whenever you get a chance to taste the Ladakhi cuisines, never miss it. It is a place which bet for mouth watering cuisine along with brilliant hospitality. The mouthwatering cuisines that travellers on their Ladakh tourism can enjoy are as follows:


Ladakhi Cuisines

Momos are one of the traditional meals of Ladakh and people of every age like it. But it is believed that the Ladakhi momos are quite different from everywhere as it is prepared with white flour, water and minced meat, vegetables or cheese stuffing. They are made in droplet shape and they steam it over a soup, be it veg soup or non-veg soup. Later it is served with chilli sauce and soup. If traveller doesn’t want to taste the steamed momos then they can enjoy the fried momos which is also known as “Kothey”. These are available in every restaurant of Ladakh. So, one can enjoy both the tastes of momos including steamed and fried.


Ladakhi Cuisines

Noodels are generally called as Thukpa in Tibetan language. It is sprung in eastern part of India like Tibet as a result it is also known as Amdo Thukpa is very famous among Tibetan & Nepalese. It is also a sought after dish of Bhutan as well. It is a noodle soup which comprises of vegetables or chicken. The vacationers who are planning to enjoy the strong flavour of chicken at night, they can taste this meal at night. It is a healthy and easy dish that people can prepare every day. So, whenever the tourists visit to Ladakh, they must enjoy this relishing soup.


Ladakhi Cuisines

Many of the travellers get confused in between the Thukpa and Thenthuk as most of the ingredients of the dish are same, but they look quite different from each other. The ingredients used in this dish are wheat flour dough, mixed vegetables and pieces of mutton or yak meat which is mixed with noodles. It is a very common dish in Ladakh and it can be served in dinners and lunch as well. This dish is quite appealing and tasty as it is made with a number of ingredients. The taste of the thenthuk dish is different from the thukpa, so one must enjoy it whenever you get the chance to do so.


Ladakhi Cuisines

Sku is a traditional and everyday meal of Ladakhi people. It is favourite food of most of the people. It is made with using wheat flour, thumb size small pieces which is cooked in sufficient amount of water along with meat and vegetables. This pasta stew is cooked in every house of Leh and it keeps the body warm during the chilling winters when temperature gets low to -20 or -30 degrees. As it keeps people healthy and warm, therefore it is often made in the houses along with some other dishes.

Paba and Tangtur

Ladakhi Cuisines

Paba and Tangtur is one of the staple foods of Ladakh which has lots of nutrition along with the delicacy of Ladakh. It is made with wheat, peas, The mixture of roasted flours of barley, buck wheat, wheat, black Ladakhi beans and peas along with edible oil is used to make this dish. Paba is a bread which is eaten with the buttermilk which is made from wild local vegetables and they are named as Tangtur and Zathuk. The combination of Paba and Tangtur is quite delicious and it compels the people to enjoy it very often. The taste of this dish is somehow very different from other dishes of the place. So, one must enjoy this dish on the Ladakh tour.

Khambir and Butter Tea

Ladakhi Cuisines

Khabir and Butter tea is widely popular as the appetizers of the functions and favourite of most of the people. Khambir is bread which has pan shaped design. It has a brown colour crust over it which makes it crunchy. It is made up of wheat and people enjoy it in breakfast along with the butter tea which has salt taste in it. As it is a very common eatable, so it is also available at numerous grocery shops and people can get it very easily. The habit of taking tea is emerged from Tibet. But, with the security reason the export of tea from Tibet is stopped and now it is brought from Indian region. So, vacationers must try Khambir and Butter tea on their Ladakh trip.


Ladakhi Cuisines

Although, travellers visiting Ladakh are interested in numerous attractions of Ladakh, but Chang the local brew is one of the attractions of Ladakh that lures the vacationers every day. It is a made by fermenting the miller with yeast in a cylindrical porcelain pot. The pot is topped with warm water and till the extract means chang not come out of the miller, it is topped. It is called as the pleasure of the palate. It is one of the favourite beverages of the people as it keeps people warm in high altitudes so must try on the visit of Ladakh and make your travel worth visiting.

There are a number of Ladakh tour package in which vacationers can take pleasure of various sightseeing along with tasting the tantalizing cuisines of Ladakh, so get the best and desired Ladakh tour package and make your travel enjoyable thoroughly. So, plan for this journey with your loved ones.

Get Ready to Tantalize Taste Buds with Ladakhi Cuisine

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