The land of high passes – Ladakh is an exciting destination for the vacationers who love adventure, nature’s beauty and wildlife. Ladakh is a wonderful tour in which vacationers will take pleasure of diverse experiences and get back to home with everlasting memories. When it comes to get indulge in the adventure sports, tourists can enjoy trekking.

Trekking Ladakh

Ladakh Tour

Being the highly popular destination for trekking, Ladakh trekking routes offer brilliant breathtaking experiences and amazing picturesque view. The region offers both kinds of trekking routes to the vacationers including challenging and intriguing. The region offers delightful experiences to the vacationers and they can trek approx. 9000 ft to 25000 ft. Though for higher feet vacationers need to take permission from the government of India and then only they can experience it amazingly. While trekking the height, travellers can even take pleasure of varied picturesque beauty.

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Holiday Destination

Ladakh Tour

There are numerous destinations in Ladakh and travellers can enjoy witnessing the snow capped mountains, high peaks, deep ravines & valleys and serene lakes. The charm of each of these attractions is stupefying and the weather is pleasant and the blend of both makes the vacationers to explore amazingly and get wonderful experiences. Vacationers must visit the place during winters and get enormous amazing experiences so plan for this travel and make the travel worth visiting.

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Rafting and Mountain Biking

Ladakh Tour

Rafting is one of the amazing adventure sports of the place in which travellers will get breathtaking experiences. Indus and Zanskar are the two rafting regions where tourists can enjoy and experience the breathtaking challenges. Apart from the gushing water streams, tourists can’t miss the biking of the region which is certainly very fascinating. Driving to a long distances and hilly lanes of the region offers a great and wonderful experience to the vacationers. It is an unworldly experience that most of the vacationers will enjoy.

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Wildlife and Jeep Safari

Ladakh Tour

Travellers on their Ladakh tour will explore numerous wildlife animals and species on their wildlife safari and it is quite enjoyable for the vacationers. It is a place in which vacationers can spot the snow leopard and enjoy it throughout the day. Travellers can even get indulge in numerous wildlife adventure activities that makes the travel worth visiting. Tourists can even go on hiking to experience the thrilling essence. The wildlife and jeep safari is one of the great experiences that tourists on their Ladakh tour will thoroughly enjoy.

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Ladakh Sightseeing

Ladakh Tour

Right from the popular Gompas to the varied destroyed or ruined palaces, each of the attractions has its own charm, significance and value among the locals of the Ladakh. Vacationers on their Ladakh tour must explore each of them including Leh Palace, Stok Palace, Hall of fame, Shanti Stupa, Jama Masjid, Tsemo fort, Sanskar Monastery, Drass war memorial, Tiger Hill, Dha and Hanu, Nimu, Panikhar, etc. Each of these attractions is meant for some or the other reasons, so explore and enjoy these sightseeing and complete your Ladakh tour which is comprises with several amazing experiences.

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All these attractions of Ladakh are quite enjoyable and it makes the vacationers feel amazed. Tourists on their Ladakh tour will definitely get mesmerizing experiences on their travel. It is a wonderful visit that vacationers as per their choice will enjoy amazingly. Plan for this tour now and make your travel quite enjoyable. It is not only the travel in which tourists will experience visiting the major attractions of the place, but it is a travel in which tourists will also get to know about the rural life of the Ladakh. It is a tour in which vacationers will get authentic experience of village life. One will definitely love it. So, tourists who are visiting India for the very first time they must plan a tour to the Ladakh. Here vacationers will get the best experiences and it will make their travel worth visiting. Get the best Ladakh tour package of your choice and make your Ladakh visit extremely enjoyable.

Ladakh Tour – An Experience of Unexplored Destination

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