The craze of adventure tour entices the travellers and compels them to explore the world and among various adventure tour destinations, Ladakh is one of them that allures the adventure enthusiasts and enable the travellers to enjoy the motorbike tour. As travellers not often visit to Ladakh, therefore it is indeed necessary to know everything about the motorcycle trip of Ladakh before vacationers plan to visit there. The planning of motorcycle trip will help the travellers to stay away from the troublesome issues and urgencies and enable them to enjoy the tour thoroughly. As travelling and especially adventure travelling is all about fun, so vacationers must draft a planning for entire journey right from the very first day till the departure. In this way, adventure seekers can have immense adventure on their journey without any issues and even if problems occur the visitors will have its solution or alternative for the same. So let’s follow some important tips to plan the motorbike tour of Ladakh.

Ladakh Bike Trip

Research for Ladakh Tour:

Research is the very first step for any trip, as a result one must get indulge in doing the homework. There are approx. 1000 things that tourists may do wrong, so be prepared for it to handle them brilliantly. Tourists must research on their routes that they will cover with their motorcycle. The routes of the journey will keep the vacationers clear with the directions, areas and their difficulties thus it becomes easy for the visitors to be prepared for the same.

Physical and Mental Fitness:

In most of the journeys, the visitors are required to be physically fit, but on Ladakh tour the travellers are required to be fit physically as well as mentally. Physically because it is all about mountaineering journey and mentally because mountain journey comprises of various difficulties, and one should be prepared for it to deal it nicely. As the Ladakh region is not plain like any other city of India therefore it is necessary to build up stamina and breathing power to face various challenges including weather, height body difficulties etc.

Route to Choose:

As there are a number of routes to travel Ladakh, therefore it is necessary to plan few routes to choose. Among various routes, Leh via Manali is one of the common routes that most of the bikers choose while driving to Ladakh. The route of Ladakh motorbike travel is begins from Delhi to Manali via Chandigarh. Later continue driving from Manali to Leh Highway with a stopover at Sarchu. Bikers can even take the route of Delhi, Pathankot or Amritsar, Srinagar, Kargil, Leh, Sarchu, Manali, Chandigarh and then back to Delhi. So, find the appropriate route for yourself and make your travel thoroughly adventurous.

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As Ladakh is a mountainous region, therefore the climate of the place is quite different from the plain areas. All through the journey the climate at different regions may vary from place to place, therefore keep it in mind that it could be Sunny in Leh, cold in Zingzing bar and rainy in Manali, so be prepared for the changing weather as well as low oxygen level at a certain height.

Clothes and Accessories:

Now, when it is very clear to the vacationers that the climate of the place will not be constant anywhere, therefore it is necessary to pack all essential clothes and accessories that are indeed necessary for the journey and that includes

  • Riding Jacket, gloves (Cramster), knee guards (Cramster), helmet (dual visor ) and balaclava
  • Carry extra thermal liners as the there is bone chilling cold at some places
  • Pack covers for everything including bags, clothes, bike, mobile, camera etc.
  • Keep toiletries like Soaps, sunscreen, toothpaste and brush
  • Carry extra pair of shoes, sleepers and woollen socks to keep the feet relaxed from chilling cold.
  • Carry bags like Viaterra Claw Bag and Cramster Turtle Tank Bag

Motorcycle Care:

Taking care of motorcycle is indeed necessary for the travellers as it is a long trip in an isolated area, so don’t take risk and get it serviced before leaving for Leh. Apart from servicing, travellers also need to carry some important goods for the bike that includes pipe, funnel, cutter, torches, extra pair of bungee cords, petrol container, batteries, etc. There are some parts that travellers need to carry for their bike that includes tubes, spark plugs, accelerator cables, clutch cables, portable charger or bike chargers, etc.

Keep All Documents:

While exploring the beauty and tranquillity, you might get stopped by the officials, army men or police for checking, so it is very important to keep all documents that include bike, insurance papers, valid driving license, registration documents of bike, class 10th certificate for date of birth, and identity proof document etc. One must prepare a file with all these documents and a set of photocopy.

Medical Kit:

As Ladakh motorbike tour is a long journey and travellers will explore a number of destinations for approx 12-13 days so, it is necessary to keep medical kit. God forbid, if something happed on the journey, then travellers require medical kit. So, keeping in mind the safety, it is necessary to keep the medical kit as it is necessary on Ladakh tour. One must carry their diagnosed medicines along with the first aid medicines including headache, cold, fever, muscle and joint pains etc

Electronic Goods and Gadgets:

To enjoy the trip brilliantly, it is necessary to keep all the electronic goods and gadgets that will accompany you all through the journey and never makes the tourist feel alone such as cellphone’s battery, camera, ipod, spare memory card, pendrive with connectors. Aslo carry a mobile mount to track the route via GPS. Each of these goods will enable the travellers to enjoy the trip wonderfully and get numerous thrilling experiences that you never experienced or thought of.

The tips mentioned in this blog are necessary for every traveller of Ladakh tour, especially for the one who is going on a motorbike tour. So, plan your tour along with these necessary tips and enjoy the journey thoroughly. It is a brilliant tour that enables the vacationers to live life in a different prospective with unexpected experiences. Now plan a journey for the same.

Plan and Indulge in Ladakh Motorbike Adventure Tour

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