India is a land of unity in diversity and travellers from every nook and corner of the world can experience it by witnessing it at numerous destinations of the country. The entire country has numbers of religions and still it is beautifully united with diverse casts, cultures, languages, festivals, traditions etc. Vacationers can easily see the brilliant blend of various cultures and traditions at different parts of the country. Among various places, Ladakh is one of the blessed places of the country which is known for its living Buddhism heritage. So, people who are keen to enjoy and witness the diversity, they must visit here to glance at Buddhism and Muslim religion on Ladakh tour. Here vacationers can even witness at Tibetan culture. Apart from the rich heritage and presence, Ladakh is popular for its Buddhist Monasteries that are dotted in the high altitudes of desert. Some of the popular monasteries that travellers must visit are as follows:

Hemis Monastery

Monasteries of Ladakh

The Hemis Monastery is a Tibetan Monastery of the Drupka Lineage. It is known as the largest monastery in the region. It is very beautiful and colourful. The hall of the monastery is adorned with the captivating statues and mural paintings. One can also glance at the great collection of sacred thangkas and artefacts. It was found in the year 1630 by Stagsang Raspa Nawang Gyatso. The people celebrate a popular festival known as Hemis festival in which sacred mask dance is compulsory. According to the Tibetan calendar, it is celebrated on 9th an 10th day of 5th month. It is believed that the monastery has approx 200 branches and more than 1,000 monks in the Himalayan region. So, one must visit here.

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Thiksey Monastery

Monasteries of Ladakh

Thiksey Monastery is one of the best and second largest monasteries in Ladakh. It has numerous white washed buildings located in different towns and offers a picturesque beauty. There are approx 10 temples and 12 storied monastery which also include a prayer hall. There are various precious statues, mini stupas and swords are displayed inside the monastery. It has a special highlight i.e. the existence of the Maitreya Temple, which contains a towering of 15 meter high statue of Buddha. It was built in the year 1970 to commemorate visit of the 14th Dalai Lama. The monastery is not only beautiful, but it even attracts thousands of travellers for its souvenir shop and cafe that are located on the premises, and an inexpensive hotel on the main road.

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Alchi Monastery

Monasteries of Ladakh

Built in the year 12th century, The Alchi Monastery is the oldest Buddhist learning centre in Ladakh. It was built by Lotsaya Rinchen Zangpo and earned huge name and fame for being the most famous gompas. This monastery is different from other monasteries as it is located on plain ground floor where as others are located on the hill top. There are three main structures such as The Du-khang is the assembly hall, the Sum-tsek is a three-storied structure in which there are four armed statue of the Bodhisattva in which there are two more storeys named as Avalokiteshvara and Manjushri. The third structure is a temple of Manjushri which is known as Jampe Lhakhang.

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Stok Gompa and Palace

Monasteries of Ladakh

Located in South of Leh at a distance of 15 km, this gompa is the residence of Royal family. It was found in 14th by Lama Lhawang. The entrance of the Gompa has beautiful mural paintings of the guardians. The assembly of the gompa is decorated with thangkas and banners. While exploring the Gompa, tourists can witness the images of Vajrapani on the walls. The library of the Gompa has approx 108 volumes of Buddha’s teachings on the other hand, the palace has a museum carrying a collection of the king’s crown, the queens head gear, royal dresses, jewellery, old currency, 100 turquoise pieces, the wooden palanquin, etc. During the festive time in June, there is a mask dance performed every year in February. The interesting fact about this festival is that the prayer is not offered by the priest of the place, but by the common man who is elected by the lamas and later groomed for the occasion.

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Phuktal Monastery

Monasteries of Ladakh

Vacationers on their visit to Ladakh tour will not only explore the beautiful monasteries, but also get indulged in some activities. Phuktal monastery is one of the isolated monasteries that enable the vacationers to witness its beauty and later enjoy the trekking. It is constructed in a cave style and during the monsoon season, water pours from the mouth of the cave. The look of the monastery is just amazing and it certainly wins the heart of the travellers. Right from its exploration to its trekking, the Phuktal Monastery is just awesome. So, one must visit here.

Each of these monasteries has a different style and beliefs and accordingly the people lead their life. So, it’s very clear to the vacationers that India is truly a land where there is unity in diversity. So, plan for Leh Ladakh tourism and make your visit worth visiting by exploring amazing destinations and getting indulge in numerous activities that you haven’t experienced in your life. Ladakh tour waits for you.

A Memorable Visit of Ladakh Monasteries

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