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Ladakh Tourism

Located in the sub-continent, over 3500 m up on the high, the “Little Tibet” welcomes thousands of vacationers and backpackers every year. The snow capped mountains and deep turquoise lake is the picturesque land on the earth. Here travellers explore the amazing sightseeing and get many experiences that have never experienced before. The spectacular monasteries, whitewashed stupas, meditational mani walls with countless mantras will make the travellers amazed with its magic and charm that it holds.

The walk around the village is an ultimate experience for the travellers as it enables the travellers to enjoy the blend of rural and urban life. The traditional village is accompanied by local porters and guides, but the amenities available in the house of Ladakh give the feel of urban lifestyle. In this way, the visit to Ladakh is quite amazing. There are some off beaten tracks where travellers can visit and experience the untouched villages of Indus valley, which will leave the travellers with the lasting impressions. Apart from exploration of captivating monasteries, stupas and other major attractions and experiencing their culture and tradition, it’s time to get ready for some adventurous experiences which include trekking, rafting, camping, bike safari etc.

One can also be the part of their cultural programs as there are many festivals occur one after another month. So, whenever you reach there, some or the other festival is about to come or it might gone. So, try to attend the cultural programs of the Ladakh to get into a new world of traditions and celebrations. Ladakh tourism is quite popular among travellers, not only because of its captivating mountain peaks, tranquillity and serenity, but also because of its tradition, culture and adventure etc. So, take ladakh tour package and make your travel enjoyable as it’s awesome and unique.

Ladakh’s Adventure Activities

Ladakh is the dream destination of adventure seekers as the blessed land of many passes captivates and entices the backpackers of the world to visit and meet their dream of indulging in adventure activities. The charm of Ladakh satisfies the desire of every adventure lover. The thrill seekers assume Ladakh as the best and blessed land of India. There are a number of adventure activities where travellers would love to visit are as follows:

Trekking: The rugged landscape of Ladakh offers many routes for the trekkers to enjoy their trekking activity. Beginners and experienced, both trekkers can enjoy their trekking as there are diverse kinds of routes are available. The main trekking areas in Ladakh are Hemis Gompa via Kongmaru La, Spituk to Marka Valley, Dung Dung La, journey along the Zanskar River from Lamayuru Gompa to Chilling via Konze La, Rubra La and the Marka Valley, Padum to Leh via Cha Cha La, etc. Each of these routes of trekking are filled with challenges which makes the journey fantastic.

Mountaineering:Ladakh offers various challenging peaks to the mountaineer and entices them to climb it perfectly. Some of the popular peaks where mountaineers must trek are Stok Kangri Peak in Zanskar, Kangyaze Peak to the south east of Leh and many more. Before climbing the mountain, the mountaineers need to take permission from Indian Mountaineering Federation in Delhi.

White Water Rafting: White water rafting is one of the amazing adventure activities that make people laugh amazingly. It is organized in between July to September. The swift flowing Indus and Zanskar river is quite amazing and it enables the enthusiasts to enjoy the water rafting. The rafting expeditions cover the stretches of Hemis to Choglamsar and Nimmu to phey.

Camel Safaris: Travellers might be thinking that how camel safari comes into adventurous activities that too when it is common in many of the tourist attractions of India. Well, in Ladakh, travellers will take the ride on the 2 humps camel and it is a different experience to the vacationers. Lakdah tour packages comprises of this activity as it enables the vacationers to witness the beauty brilliantly on camel ride.

Polo: Polo - The Ladakh sport is played every Tuesday and Saturday in summer. It is a match between the two teams of 6 people each. The Polo match has 20-minute halves that cheer both teams with great enthusiasm. It is being played in the month of September.

Archery: People on their Ladakh tour will also enjoy the Archery sport. It is a traditional sport of the place and held regularly in the villages. In this sport people enjoys the contests of archery along with the drinking, dancing, singing, etc. It is an adventurous sport into the cultural life of people.

With each of these activities, the adventure seekers of Leh Ladakh tourism never deny to visit the amazing place. Not only Ladakh trekking of the place is popular among travellers, but each of these activities entices the adventure enthusiasts to have fun.

Ladakh’s Culture

Brilliantly influenced by Buddhist, Ladakh culture is quite similar to them. As a result, vacationers can explore the Buddhist rock everywhere that are engraved and the strange fact is that its influence is even in the areas of Muslim. The major highlight of the Ladakh culture is their monasteries. Vacationers can easily find it in every village. Apart from the Buddhism, Islam culture also exists at this place and the Muslim people are found in the areas of Ladakh. Hence, along with the monasteries, people can also find mosques and huge Imambaras. The Buddhism influence is everywhere in Ladakh therefore the food, tradition, living style, language, dance, etc are drenched into Buddhism. Some of the highlights about Ladakh culture are as follows:

1. Ladakh people enjoy two kinds of teas one is made with strong green tea with butter and salt and another is sweet tea which is common in entire India. Barley fermented alcoholic beverage is made to drink on special occasion.

2. The main foods of the Ladakh are Thukpa (noodle soup) and Ladakhi ngampe (roasted barley flour).

3. Ladakhi Music is played during the festival which is quite similar to Tibetan music. The music of the land is also comprises of chanting of Tibetan and Sanskrit.

4. In Gompas, there is a Buddhist wheel along with two dragons and it is a common icon which can be seen at different places including Thikse, Hemis, Alchi, Lamayuru, Likir, and Rizdong Gompa.

5. Mask dance is the prominent part of Ladakh’s culture. It is organized in Hemis monastery. The dance reflects the story of fighting with evil.

6. Weaving is one of the traditions of Ladakh and as a result they are quite expert in weaving their gonchas – traditional dress of velvet. They also do embroidery on waistcoats, boots and hats.

Each of these cultures of Ladakh brings an awesome experience to the vacationers and makes them feel as if they are out of India. Though, Ladakh is the part of India, but the religion and cultural diversity makes it a different world for the people. It is a wonderful land to spend some amazing days along with experiencing new activities. People can pick Leh Ladakh packages out of various choices and make the journey amazing with your loved ones. Right from the welcome till the departure, every moment that you spend in Ladakh will be breathtaking. So, enjoy Leh Ladakh tourism.

Ladakh’s Lesser Known Facts

The Land of High Passes- Ladakh, is one of the best places in India that captivates travellers from every nook and corner of the world. The reason being visiting Ladakh are many but among all, adventure activities, culture and nature of the place is best that entices the vacationers to visit the place. On Leh Ladakh tourism, vacationers get to know about various facts and figures that will make them amazed. But, here are some of the lesser known facts of Ladakh such as follows:

1. Ladakh is widely known as the highest settlement which is served by Indus River.

2. In Ladakh a number of festivals are celebrated including Losar Festival, Sindhu Darshan Festival, Hemis Festival, Dosmoche Festival, Ladakh Festival, and Tak-Tok Festival. Hence it is called as region of festivals.

3. The altitude of Ladakh ranges from 9000 feet (2,750 m) at Kargil to 25,170 feet (7,672 m) at Saser Kangri.

4. With such high altitude it is less populated place in India as a result it retains its natural beauty.

5. It is a home which measures approx 28 km at the widest points. It is an ideal destination for wild animals as a result, you can easily spot the wild duck, cranes, small birds, marmots, etc.

6. The place is beautifully dotted with the monasteries and pagodas. Vacationers can commune with the monks who in diverse monasteries including Hemis Gompa, Shey Palace and Thiksey Gompa.

7. It is one of the highest plateaus of Kashmir Valley, which is located above sea level approx 3,000 meters.

8. Ladakh is a home of 225 species of birds including robins, redstarts, finches, and hoopoe. The region retain much of its natural beauty, thus it is the habitat of these species.

9. Pangong Lake is the highest lake which is salty and serene. It is located approx 4350 meters above the sea level.

10. It has clear skies therefore it emerged as an important astronomy center. The solar observatory of Udaipur, Infrared Telescope and Himalayan Chandra Optical are some of the astronomies of India whose studying facilities are located in Ladakh.


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